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Tip: RP3

The RP3 power controller is a contactless three-phase power energy electronic device which includes a thyristor connector and an electronic gate triggering system. (GTS).
This power controller allows the control of the power delivered from a three-phase voltage source to an electrical energy load in function of the control signal input. The RP3 power controller is destined for three-phase actuators with resistance or resistance-inductance loads in control systems and automatic temperature control.

The application area of RP3 power controllers comprises:
electrical furnaces and drying constructions, particularly industrial tunnels and belt- type furnaces, furnaces for annealing and hard soldering, crucible furnaces and smelters, furnaces for hardening in salt baths,
devices of mechanical engineering, aggregates and extruding presses for plastics, devices, for winding and tempering of springs, spot welding and seam welders,
production of glass and glazing, installations and devices for drying in infrared and ultraviolet radiation, ladles for glass melt and heating of feeding devices, furnaces for glass forming,
chemical and petroleum industries, facing heaters of tube installations, preheating installations.

On-off control.
Chopper control:
fast cycle - fi,max » 1 Hz,
slow cycle - fi,max » 0.1 Hz.
Phase control.

Load current limitation
Delay of soft start tripping type
Control of the initial gating angle value
Control of the input line amplification
Supervising and signaling of the current in the load circuit, output U= f(lo)
Supervising of the radiator temperature
Signalling of the fuse damage
Signalling of the incorrect phase sequence
Signalling of overload
Relay outputs