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Tip: SR11

The SR11 system is destined for the temperature control in injection moulds with heated channels and for other systems in plastics processing. The system is composed of BR11 controllers and a set of connection cables.
The RS-485/MODBUS digital interface and the software on PC enable the supervision of the data archiving process (the LUMEL3000 software for archiving and data visualisation must be ordered separately).
The Fuzzy Logic algorythm ensures a high accuracy of the temperature control and optimal energy consumption.
The soft start functions and leakage current supervision warrant the reliability of heaters.
During the machine operation break, a decreased temperature is maintained, what enables a fast start.

System description
The SR11 system is composed of BR11 controllers placed in one housing and connected to the mould with heated channels by means of a dedicated ZP11 connection set. The housing, in the shape of a cassette, ensures appropriate exploitation conditions and the required protection degree against electric shocks. Multiple connectors ensure an easy connection with the mould.
Connecting cables of special design have been applied in the SR11 system.