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Tip: RE72

RE72 controller - 2 outputs - dimension 48 x 48mm - NEW

The RE72 controller is destined for the temperature control in plastics, food, dehydration industries and everywhere when the stabilization of temperature changes is necessary.
Universal measuring input (thermocouples, resistance thermometers or analog signals),
Output: relay, transistor of OC type, continuous or binary for SSR control,
Control algorithm:
On/off with histeresis,
valve control (step-by-step control),
Automatic selection of PID parameters (acc. to the new innovative SMART PID technology),
self-acting and precise selection of PID settings,
effective control algorithm,
easy and simple solution for technical service,
lack of overshoots or small overshoots for a large range of objects in the automatic process of PID parameter selection.
Kind of set point value:
fixed set point,
programmed - 15 programs with 15 segments in each,
from additional input,
control from binary input,
Timer function,
Alarm latch function (LATCH) applied in safety controllers,
Measurement of heater current and heater burning control or short-circuit of the control element (e.g. SSR),
IP65 protection grade,
Password protection,
External dimensions: 48 x 48 x 93mm.