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Tip: P12H

Programmable measuring transducer P12H type is destined to convert of d.c. current and d.c. voltage into a digital or standard current or voltage signal.
The output is galvanically isolated from the input and supply. The insulation exists also between the current and voltage input. The P12H type transducer has programmable measuring and auxiliary functions.
The parameter modification is possible through the PD14 programmer, the RS-485 interface or from the keyboard.
The transducer is commonly use in computer systems, e.g. with LUMEL-ENERGY program.
input: programmable
- 100...100V, -600...600V,
-1...1A, -5...5A
output: programmable - digital RS-485 MODBUS protocol, analog, 2 relays,
display: LCD 2 x 8 signs,
supply 253 V a.c./d.c. or 20...50 V a.c./d.c.,
available execution: with display and without display.

Next to programmable measuring function P12H type transducer has programmable auxiliary function:
conversion of measuring value into an output signal on the base of the individual linear characteristic,recalculation on the input quantity into any indication on the base of the individual linear characteristic,
programming of alarm outputs,
signalling of the measuring range exceeding,
recording of any input signal in programmed segments of time or event recording,
programming of the indication resolution,
preview of all measuring values and set parameter values,
storage of all counter states in case in case of a decay of the supply voltage,
automatic setting of the decimal point,
storage of maximal and minimal values of all input quantities,
programming of the time and kind of measurement averaging: arithmetic mean, walking window,
display of the unit,
service of the RS-485 interface in the MODBUS protocol, both in ASCII either in RTU mode,
data protection by means of a password

External dimensions: 45 x 120 x 100mm