Elektroautomatika Ipari és Kereskedelmi Kft.

Tip: ESL-07

- For driving the control and regulation valves, gate, gate-alves
- Linear mouthpiece acc. to ISO 5210 standard or adapted for direct built-in in POLNA
- Przemysl, Poland valves and others
- Compact construction and modular structure
- Protection degree IP65 or IP67
- Equipped optionally with Controller ESA-01

Electric linear actuator type ESL-07 is designed for driving of control closing components like (valvs, gates, gate-valves) and other devices wherein lage forces and displacement are required. Drivers are designed for direct assembly on Polna, Przemyśl - Poland valves and on others valves acc. to ISO 5210 stnadard (series of connectors types: F07; F12).
The actuator can be equipped with angular encoder (recommended angular encoders: EPO-02 or EPO-03) or in ESA-01controller for control of 3phase signal or continuous 4...20 mA signal.