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Power factor meters
Tip: FA39 and FA32 type

Power factor meters FA32 and FA39 type are destined to measure the phase angle difference between the voltage and the current in 1-phase or 3-phase a.c. power networks. In three-phase network assymetrical loaded is demanded to use three meters seinput voltage for system in 1 phase network: U = 100...500V,
input voltage for system in 3 phase network symetrical load: U = 100...500V,
input current: I = 1A or 5A, also to the co-operation with current transformer,
measuring ranges:
0.5 cap...1...0.5 ind, 0.8 cap...1...0.2 ind, 0.85 cap...1...0.85 ind, 0 ind...1,
accuracy class: 1.5,
fixing in the panel.

IP65 protection grade in offered analog meter series: EA16, EA17, EA19, MA16, MA17, MA19, MA17P, MA19P, CA37, CA39, FA39, PA39.

Taking into consideration numerous inquires from customers, we would like to inform, that since January we can deliver above types of analog meters fulfilling IP65 requirements from the frontal face. Specially designed frames with a sealing enable the application of meters in very rugged atmospheric
Meters in IP65 casings are available in following overall dimensions: 48 x 48 mm, 72 x 72 mm, 96 x 96 mm.

External dimensions:
96 x 96 x 65mm (FA39 type),
144 x 144 x 68mm (FA32 type)