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Tip: KR7

Programmable recorder KR7 type is destined for a continuous recording and measurement of slow-changing courses of d.c. voltage, d.c. current, temperature or resistance or other quantities converted into an electrical signal in one measuring channel.
Recorder directly co-operates with voltage sources, current sources, thermocouples, resistance thermometers. KR7 type recorder is full programmable instrument adapted to co-operation with the computer, e.g. with LUMEL-LEONARDO program.
Recorder characteristic:
all recorder functions are controlled by a microprocessor-based system,
printing of date, time, value of measured signal, tape feed speed, recorder parameters settings, description of binary signals and alarms,
linearization of sensor characteristics,
parameters programming from the recorder keyboard with an LCD display and from a PC with SETUP program,
signalling of alarm state overruns by means of relay contacts and LED diodes on the analog scale,
signalling of the sensor break,
execution with a structure 2 or 4 event markers steering through external signal,
execution with current or voltage output retransmission signal,
universal chart carrier,
universal power supply,
menu in polish, english, german or french version,
IP65 front panel protection degree.

Basic technical data:
recording width: 100mm
measuring ranges:
voltage - 9999...0...9999 mV,
current - 20...0....20 mA,
potentiometric and resistance transmitter 0...2000,
temperature: thermocouple, resistance thermometers,
accuracy class: 0.5,
input resistance for current ranges 50Wresponse time: < 2 sek.,
recording tape feed: 0, 5...3600mm/h.,
interface RS485 / MODBUS, transmission speed: 300...115200bodów,
retransmission signal:
current: 0..5mA, 0..20mA or 4..20mA / 250W,
voltage: 0..5V, 1..5V lub 0..10V / >500W,
alarms: 2 relays,
supply voltage: 90..230..253V, 45..50..65 Hz.

External dimensions: 144 x 144 x 202mm